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Molded Air Filters

  • Computer Controlled Pleater — A computer-controlled pleater is used to produce consistently-sharp pleats to maximize performance and reliability.
  • Cellulosic Media — Filtration Systems' air filters use various grades of cellulosic paper media, made from wood fibers and bonded with polymeric resins for added strength and washability. These media provide high dirt holding capacity, high efficiency, low restriction to flow and low cost. In addition, by using Beta Ratios for its cellulosic media, the cleanliness of fluids is known to the user.
  • Mullen & Frazier — We test the media characteristics of competitor’s filters to provide risk-free alternate-sourcing from Filtration Systems.
  • Lock-Seam — Filter shells are lock-seamed (not spot welded) to eliminate sharp edges and injury when servicing the filters.
  • Redundant Seals— The majority of these products feature molded ends made from a soft, durable rubber compound. These molded ends have integral gaskets, with a large primary sealing surface and a back-up seal (with a slightly lower profile) to protect the engine in the event of leakage at the primary seal.
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Filtration Systems has a complete line of air filters for small engines and generators, as well as larger engine air-intake filters with metal end caps. Our engine air-intake filters are designed for low restriction and high dirt-holding capacity. The end caps can be either stamped metal or molded plastic. All come with resilient gaskets for positive seal to prevent leakage. Replaces Wix, Fram, NAPA, Baldwin, Nelson and Donaldson.

These filters are made with a vinyl material known as “plastisol,” which bonds the pleated paper media. They also have soft rubber gaskets, to seal the filter in its housing.

The cellulosic paper media meets or exceeds the OEM performance specifications.

The pleat pack is protected with either a perforated metal, expanded metal or woven wire mesh screen outer wrap.

Technical Overview

  • A

    Perforated metal, expanded metal or woven wire mesh outer wraps provide strength and protection.

  • B

    Filter media is resin-impregnated pleated paper, heat-cured for added strength.

  • C

    Molded or stamped metal end caps bond the filter and have integral gaskets.

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