Pamic® Air Filters

  • Uniform pleated tube spacing for maximum media exposure and dirt holding capacity.
  • Each tube contains in excess of two square feet of effective filter media.
  • Extended service life.
  • Increased horsepower and reduced fuel consumption.
  • -40F to +140F Operating Temperature Variations.
  • Improved engine fuel economy

Filtration Systems second stage Pamic filters provide unmatched engine protection for a wide range of equipment, operating both on and off the highway. Our family of Pamic filtration products offer (3) vital savings: your equipment lasts longer and performs better; your servicing costs go down; and production schedules are maintained. FSI’s Features include: Greatest Engine Protection, Extended Service Life, Increased Horsepower, Reduced Fuel Consumption and Easy Install.

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The Pamic® Style Filter has an overall efficiency of 99.9% on Standardized Coarse Test Dust and offers unusually low resistance and increased service life. Self-cleaning is achieved by drawing air through this dust bin to carry the collected dirt particles back to the atmosphere.
A typical Pamic® style panel can be made up of various numbers from 2 to 64 individual cyclone tubes. The paper tubes are set in a catalytic thermosetting elastomer which seals the filter in place in the air cleaner housing without additional gaskets.

Medium Service Applications
Medium Service includes most on- and off-highway uses such as gravel and ready-mix trucks, outdoor generator sets, garbage trucks, fire trucks, air compressors and pumps.

Heavy Service Applications
Heavy Service includes off-highway trucks, motor graders, crawler tractors, scrapers, cranes and shovels. Extra-heavy service includes such equipment as large scrapers, rock drills, rough terrain cranes, shovels, rock drilling, quarrying compressors and full-tracked low speed tractors.


Pamic® is a registered trademark of the Farr Company/Parker Hannifin Corporation and is not affiliated with Filtration Systems Inc.

Part Number Look Up

Pamic Cabin Filters Part Number and Benefits

AP-060608-CYL-P4 2x2
AP-060808-CYL-P6 2x3
AP-061508-CYL-P12 2x6
AP-062008-CYL-P16 2x8
AP-080808-CYL-P9 3x3
AP-081008-CYL-P12 3x4
AP-082008-CYL-P24 3x8
AP-101008-CYL-P16 4x4
AP-101308-CYL-P20 4x5
AP-101508-CYL-P24 4x6
AP-102008-CYL-P32 4x8
AP-132008-CYL-P40 5x8
AP-152008-CYL-P48 6x8
AP-202008-CYL-P64 8x8

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