Who Buys Filtration Systems, Inc. Products?

Filtration Systems Inc. (FSI’s) range of filters are utilized in the following: biogas filtration, dust collection, natural gas filtration, railroads, and stationary engines. These critical filters are utilized across the globe in a variety of industries to optimize the flow of various fluids and gases essential to modern life and society.

Natural Gas Filtration

FSI Filters eliminate impurities such as pipe-scale, iron sulfide, hydrates, water, hydrocarbons, sulfur, and carbon dioxide that must be removed before it is deemed “pipeline quality”.


Stationary Engines

Filtration Systems has been making filters for large stationary engines for over 30 years. It is our core business.



Our high-flow railroad lube filters have been used for years in demanding conditions, often over mountainous terrain.


Biogas Filtration

The wood fibers in Filtration Systems’ depth-type filters absorb this troublesome moisture, and our “-TSS” treated filters neutralize acidic compounds.


Dust Collection

Filtration Systems makes a wide range of dust collect cartridges to fit all popular makes and models of equipment. The cartridges feature heavy-duty construction to withstand rigorous use. We offer three grades of media, to match your application requirements.


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