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Green Initiatives

Respecting our Environment

Since the inception of our company in 1975, we have always been both mindful and respectful of our environment and community.  All of our facilities include trees, greenery, and ponds to support the local environment and wildlife and provide a tranquil area for our team members to enjoy during their breaks.

Our buildings utilize low power LED lighting with occupancy sensors, low flow toilets, variable frequency on demand air compressors and multi-zoned HVAC units to eliminate or minimize our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint while still providing a modern and comfortable work environment for our team members.  A multitude of roof mounted solar panels provide us with electricity with approximately 500Mwh being produced per annum which equates to around 310 tons of CO2 saved, or 4,700 trees planted each year.  Any excess energy produced is returned to the grid.

FSI continues to monitor potential regulatory, safety, health, and environmental impacts of our products as part of our ongoing product stewardship and regulatory compliance efforts. As such, FSI routinely reviews material composition of our products against local, state, and federal regulatory compliance requirements.  Our production processes utilize recycled material whenever possible, and we capture and recycle all cardboard, plastic, metal, and other materials. We are currently working with a number of partners worldwide to incorporate our products into their cutting-edge green power generation and propulsion technologies which include wind turbines, hydrogen power packs, biodiesel, etc.  FSI will continue to actively seek out such collaborations and be at the forefront of our world’s energy revolution and evolution.

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