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Landfill & digester gas can contain up to 1.5% (15,000 ppm) of sulfur in the fuel gas. This sulfur oxidizes in the engine’s combustion chamber to form sulfur dioxide (SO2). That combines with water (H2O, a by-product of combustion), to form sulfurous acid (H2SO3).  This, in turn, reacts with oxygen (O2) to form sulfuric acid (H2SO4).   A significant amount of these impurities blow past the piston rings and accumulates in the crankcase, acidifying the oil.  The wood fibers in Filtration Systems’ depth-type filters absorb this troublesome moisture, and our “-TSS” treated filters neutralize acidic compounds. 

Siloxanes cause deposits in the upper engine and foul emission-related catalysts in the engine exhaust system.  Activated carbon is an effective media to remove siloxanes from digester and landfill gas.  Filtration Systems manufactures a broad range of carbon canisters adaptable to your siloxane –removal equipment.

Filtration Systems manufactures air filters, oil filters and fuel-gas filters for engines running on landfill and digester fuel gas.  We can improve the reliability of equipment and offer significant operational cost-savings in the bio-fuels industry, world-wide.

Bio-Gas is methane generated by sewage treatment digesters, landfills and animal-waste slop tanks.  It is wet, dirty and has a low fuel value, typically between 400 & 650 BTU/ft3.  (Pipeline quality gas, on the other hand, is over 1,000 BTU/ft3.)

Stationary gaseous-fueled engines require special equipment , settings  and maintenance to run on such “problem fuels”.  Filtration Systems already has unique products and decades of design experience in this area.

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Air Filters

Filtration Systems has a complete line of air filters for small engines and generators, as well as larger engine air-intake filters with metal end caps. Our engine air-intake filters are designed for low restriction and high dirt-holding capacity. The end caps can be either stamped metal or molded plastic. All come with resilient gaskets for positive seal to prevent leakage. Replaces Wix, Fram, NAPA, Baldwin, Nelson and Donaldson.

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