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Filtration Systems Incorporated for Powder Coating

Filtration Systems services the Powder Coating industry with a broad range of powder coating overspray filters.  We make a variety of sizes and fit-up designs to fit most powder coating spray booths.  These filters capture the powdered paint from the exhaust air stream. 

Powder coating filters are often back-pulsed with compressed air to clean the media &/or capture the paint for re-use.  Back-pulsed filters need robust construction and Filtration Systems’ powder coating filters feature heavy-duty design.

We offer three (3) different media types to meet your specific requirements.  Our cellulose media is reinforced with 15% polyester fibers, for added burst-strenght.  Our 100% spun-bonded polyester media is even stronger, with a slick surface that enhances clean-back cycles.  And our nano-fiber laminated media uses the latest technology to optimize cake-release, for long service life.

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Benefits of FSI Products for the Powder Coating

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Dust Collector Elements

Dust Collectors use our dust collector cartridges to trap air particulate matter and vapors. Always consult FSI Engineering for the best solution to your dust collector application.

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