Quality Filters

Filtration Systems is Certified per ISO 9001:2008.  We undergo periodic internal and external audits to maintain compliance.  As an ISO-Certified manufacturer, we monitor metrics such as customer satisfaction, cost-of-quality, corrective action and on-time deliveries.  Records are kept on–file for every order, with operator sign-off's and traceability for each line item on every order.  Filtration Systems has a full-time Quality Manager on-staff, to oversee all aspects of its Quality Control functions.

Depth Filters   Carbon Canisters
Our unique rolled and layered construction provides improved efficiency and service life. Our patented "Swirl Flow" design has low pressure drop and extraordinary dirt holding capacity. Replacements available for companies such as PECO, United Engine Life, and Nelson/Winslow.   Our activated carbon canisters use a dust-free granular (not reagglomerated) coal-based carbon, with optimum pore size and surface area to absorb foaming agents in amine and glycol systems. Replaces PECO, Natco,
Nowata, Flo-Line, Jonell, and Banner.
Pleated Filters   Fiberglass Gas Filters
Filtration Systems manufactures a wide variety of canister-type oil and hydraulic filter elements, using either paper, polyester or fiberglass media. Absolute-rated and high-collapse configurations are also available. Direct replacements include: Facet, Nugent, Hilco, Refilco, Banner, and Kaydon.   Natural gas is often dirty, wet and corrosive, and gas filters have to withstand liquid slugging and abrasion from pipe scale. Our cartridges use high efficiency seamless fiberglass tubes, reinforced with a spiral lockseamed
center tubes for high collapse strength. Cross references to PECO, Peerless, King Tool, Jonell, Flo-Line and Banner.
Panel Air Filters   Pleated Fiberglass Coalescers
Our sturdy panel air filters are built to handle pulsation,
vibration and deflection created by engine air-intake systems. Optimum pleat formation is maintained by our computercontrolled pleater. Also available with washable and/or flame retardant media. Interchanges are vailable for companies such as Air Refiner, Royal, Donaldson,
Air Maze, and Nelson.
  Filtration Systems has designed a wide range of pleated micro fiberglass filter elements to remove both liquids and solids from natural gas. Our pleats are available with either a screen or paper backing for added reinforcement and high flow capabilities. Extra-sturdy outer cages prevent rupture, and an outer felt layer enhances the
removal of entrained liquids. Replaces PECO, Porous-Media, Pall and Jonell.
Railroad Lube Filters   Air Filters
"Swirl Flow" locomotive oil filters combine high efficiency and long-life with moisture removal to reduce acid and sludge build-up. 180-day service intervals increase
productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Filtration
Systems' lube filters fit all standard EMD, Alco and G.E.
  Our engine air-intake filters are designed for low restriction and high dirt-holding capacity. The end caps can be either stamped metal or molded plastic. All come with resilient gaskets for positive seal to prevent leakage. Replaces Wix, Fram, NAPA, Baldwin, Nelson and
Dust Collectors   Filter Vessels
Filtration Systems' heavy-duty air filter cartridges feature
an abrasion-resistant media that is blended with polyester
fibers for high-efficiency and excellent dust-release properties. Spunbonded polyeser and flame-retardant media are also available. Sized to fit standard housings such as Donaldson, Torit®, Farr, and American Air
  Our filter vessels are designed to use our depth-type filters, for exceptional dirt-holding capacity and extended service intervals. Vessel designs are available for lube oil, diesel fuel and natural gas applications. The large sump
capacity, coupled with the waterremoval properties of our depth filters, helps to reduce oil acidification and ehance the life of the oil.