Pleated Paper Filters
Filtration Systems' pleated paper filter elements are used in several industrial applications to purify a wide variety of liquids. Our selection of four efficiency ratings and four gasket compounds, plus a variety of sizes and design options allows you to select the right filter for your particular installation requirements.

Our pleated paper filter elements are available in several standard lengths and I.D.'s, with or without bail handles or outer wraps. Buna-N gaskets and tin-plated perforated steel covers are our standard construction. Our new pleated synthetic media offers better throughput, higher dirt-holding capacity and longer service life.

These cartridges interchange with all popular models, including Hilco, Facet, Refilco, Parker, Nugent, Peco, Murphy, Velcon, Kaydon, Luberfiner and Royal, with the best pricing in the industry.
MicroFiberglass Media
Filtration Systems' microfiberglass pleated media is designed for optimum performance for natural gas filtration. Its fine fiber diameters provide for high flow rates and excellent particulate removal efficiencies.

Microfiberglass is also an excellent coalescing medium for removing water and liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas. The glass fibers have high surface charges, which capture the liquids from the gas stream. These charges, along with its "wettability" provide for the proper contact angles in the fiber matrix, allowing meniscus-formation and droplet enlargement - "coalescence."
Filtration Systems Pleated Paper Filters
A Optional bail handle makes removal easier.
B Four different gasket compounds for broad fluid compatibility.
C Your choice of steel or paperboard outer wrap (or no outer wrap at all).
D High-strength spiral lock seamed tin-plated center tubes.
E High surface area pleated media in 1, 5, 10 and 25m efficiencies.
Pleated Paper Filters
MicroFiberglass Media
Microfiberglass Media