Filtration Systems Panel Filters
Filtration Systems makes a wide range of panel air filters for engine air intake and operator/cab applications.
The large engine panels are reinforced for heavy duty use. They feature a washable media and a resilient "Poron" gasket for extended service life. Flame-retardant, high flow and water-repellent media are available, to fit your specific requirements.

Each filter is heat-cured in automated pneumatic presses to produce perfectly square, rigid panels. Our frames are formed in-house from coil stock for good availability and cost-control.

Our cab panels have a specially-designed media for high efficiency and low restriction to flow. All Filtration Systems panel filters have pleat packs made on our new computer-controlled pleaters producing sharp pleats for optimum performance.
Panel Filter Media

Filtration Systems has several grades of air filter media, from cellulose-paper to synthetics and our new nano-fiber laminates. All are washable, for extended service life.

Our cab panel media is designed for low flow restriction, while our turbine engine media is blended for high efficiencies and rupture strength. Our reciprocating-engine media is available with a flame-retardant treatment and water-repellent media is also offered for humid outdoor installations.

Filtration Systems Panel Air Filters

A "Tongue-in-Groove" corner construction for rigid, square frames with a smooth gasket sealing surface.
B Pleated media is washable for repeated use. Our computer-controlled machines assure uniform pleat spacing for optimum performance.
C Our blade-type Computer Controlled Pleaters make straight, sharp pleats for better air flow and back-pulse performance
Panel Filter
Cellulosic Filter Media
Panel Filter Media