Filtration Systems Filter Vessels
Filtration Systems makes a wide variety of filter elements for use in these pressure vessels. The most commonly used elements are the depth-type sock filters, which use a combination of wood and cotton fibers, in a rolled configuration. Depth filters are particularly effective in lube oil service, for removal of sludge, varnish and combustion by-products.

Special chemically treated depth elements are available for sour-gas applications. These filters neutralize the acids in problem fuels, reducing engine wear and corrosion.

Pleated filters are also available, in a variety of media and micron ratings. Pleated elements have extended surface area for long life and low pressure drops.

For installations where used-filter disposal is a concern, Filtration Systems has developed an all-plastic element that can be incinerated. Internal adapters eliminate the need for metal components in the replacement filter elements.
Filtration Systems Filter Vessels
A A wide variety of replacement filter elements and gasket materials are available for different fluids, applications and operating conditions.
B Filtration Systems' by-pass valve is unique in the industry. It features a "soft seat" O-Ring piston that does not leak below cracking pressure.
C Filter vessels are fabricated out of carbon steel in accordance with ASME Codes. Internal surfaces are coated for corrosion resistance before shipment.
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