Filtration Systems Fiberglass Filters
Filtration Systems makes a wide range of fiberglass filter elements for natural gas purification. Our media is molded into seamless tubes and reinforced with phenolic resin (a distinct improvement over some competitor's "pipe insulation").

Since these filters are often installed ahead of large compressors, they must be designed to withstand vibration, pulsation, and abrasion from pipe scale and liquid slugging.

Our center tubes feature a spiral-lockseam construction for high collapse strength, and the metal is plated for corrosion resistance. The end caps are bonded to the media and center tube with a high-strength adhesive.

We use a polyester core-wrap to prevent media migration, as fiberglass fibers are very abrasive. Regrettably, some of our competitors don't use core wrap!

For applications where iron sulfide is a problem, we offer a polyester membrane core
Fiberglass Media

Fiberglass media was considered a breakthrough in filtration technology when it was first introduced, because of its unique combination of high removal efficiencies and high permeability. Microglass fibers have very fine diameters, resulting in more void space, thus providing greater dirt-holding capacity and increased flow rates.

The fibers also have high surface charges, enabling them to attract polar compounds, such as water, out of hydrocarbon process streams. This "wettability" makes fiberglass filters effective coalescers, removing water and other liquids from refined product and natural gas.

Our fiberglass gas filters have extensive use in such diverse applications as gas gathering, dehydration units, sweetening plants, tail-gas treaters, industrial gas separation, sewage, landfill and digester gas, and cogeneration facilities.
Filtration Systems Fiberglass Filters
A Tin-plated metal end caps are bonded to the center tube for added strength. Choice of Buna-N or Viton gaskets.
B Double-louvered center tubes provide low flow restriction. Made in-house for excellent availability and cost control.
C Spun-bonded polyester core wrap prevents media migration. Available membrane wrap provides .3-micron protection.
d Molded seamless 6# fiberglass media removes particulates >1u and coalesces liquids for clean, dry natural gas.
Fiberglass Filter Cut Away
Fiberglass Media
Fiberglass Media