Filtration Systems Depth Filters
Filtration Systems' patented "Swirl Flow" technology is a breakthrough in depth filter design, providing exceptionally long life, high efficiency and low restriction to flow.

Depth filters have excellent temperature and fluid compatibility and are used in numerous gas processing, large engine and compressor applications. We manufacture thousands of depth filter elements every day with highly automated equipment for consistent product quality and unsurpassed value.
Swirl Flow Design
Filtration Systems' patented "Swirl Flow™" depth elements are a dramatic break-through in filter technology. By alternating layers of low and high density media, and balancing the ratio of circumferential to radial flow, the media layers progressively load with dirt, like peeling an onion. The result is an incredibly long-life filter, designed for reliable performance at low cost.
Filtration Systems Depth Filters
A Spiral lock seamed center tubes have high collapse strength and good flow characteristics. Made in-house for improved availability and cost control.
B Media is blended in-house and rolled with automated tensioning devices for a wide range of micron efficiency ratings.
C Cotton or acrylic outer socks provide broad fluid compatibilities. Knitted in-house for consistent quality.

Depth Filter Media
Filtration Systems High Quality Cotton Fiber Cotton's fine fiber diameter anoliophyllic properties make it an ideal medium for hydrocarbon filtration. e use only natural cotton fibers (not textile waste) in our products
Filtration Systems High Quality Wood Fiber Wood absorbs water and acids (extending lube oil drain intervals) and improves the filter's flow characteristics. Our wood is grown and processed here in Wisconsin, for excellent cost control.
Filtration Systems Depth Filter Sock Cut Away
Filtration Systems Depth Filter
Filtration Systems Depth Filter Elements Last Longer and Perform Better Than Pleated Paper Elements
Filtration Systems Depth Filters