Pleated Fiberglass Coalescers
Filtration Systems coalescers use pleated microfiberglass media for extended surface area and reinforced to withstand rigorous use.

These filters are designed for inside-out flow, which enhances the coalescing process via velocity-reduction. The pleat pack is secured with a steel outer cage to prevent rupture.

A polyester felt outer drainage layer prevents reintrainment of the liquid droplets.
Microfiberglass Media
Filtration Systems' microfiberglass pleated media is designed for optimum performance for natural gas filtration. Its fine fiber diameters provide for high flow rates and excellent particulate removal efficiencies.

Microfiberglass is also an excellent coalescing medium for removing water and liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas. The glass fibers have high surface charges, which capture the liquids from the gas stream. These charges, along with its "wettability" provide for the proper contact angles in the fiber matrix, allowing meniscus-formation and droplet enlargement - "coalescence."
Filtration Systems Pleated Fiberglass Coalescers
A Buna-N or Viton gaskets provide positive seals against leakage.
B Welded steel cages prevent rupture.
C Polyester felt provides liquid drainage.
d Optional center tubes for added strength.
E Multi-layered microfiberglass and synthetic media remove both solid and liquid contaminants.
Filtration Systems Coalescer
Microfiberglass Media
Microfiberglas Media