Filtration Systems Carbon Filters
Carbon Canisters

Filtration Systems makes a wide variety of activated carbon canisters for amine and glycol process purification. Our carbon grades have been specifically formulated to provide long service life and excellent solvent purification.

Both radial and vertical flow models are available in a variety of sizes to fit all popular housings. Our canisters are solidly constructed, with cable-steel handles and thick gaskets.

The carbon is sealed in a jersey-knit sock to prevent media migration, and the center tube ends are sealed to prevent bypass, all of which helps to assure trouble-free performance in your process units.
Activated Carbon

Filtration Systems has developed proprietary grades of activated carbon that are specifically suited for amine and glycol purification. Our activated carbon is coal-based for maximum hardness to reduce dust. It has an optimum ratio of micropores to mesopores to remove dissolved organics, acidic degradation by- products and heat stable salt precursors.

Our carbon is water-rinsed to reduce leachable metals and it has a high percentage of mesopores to enhance removal of liquid hydrocarbons from the process chemicals.

We also offer a larger 4 x 10 granule size to extend service life in units with high solids loading.
When used together with our high efficiency depth filters, your gas processing units will run cleaner, with less sulfide build-up, corrosion, carry-over or upsets, for lower operating costs and improved gas quality.
Filtration Systems Carbon Canisters
A High-strength cable steel bail handles won't pull out under heavy loads, assuring trouble-free change-outs. Carbon Filter Handles
B Extra-thick high-temperature gaskets are securely attached to canister end caps. Carbon Filter Gasket
C Two grades of activated carbon allow you to choose the right media for your particular application requirements. The carbon bed is compacted for extended service life. Carbon Filter Activated Carbon
D The center tube is wrapped with a jersey-knit woven cotton sock to prevent media migration. The top is sealed to prevent bypass through the carbon bed. Carbon Filter Center Tube
Activated Carbon Filter
Carbon Media
Carbon Media